Did you recently book a flight with JetBlue but now have to cancel the reservations? Well, the airline does let you cancel your flight tickets. 

Jetblue has been in operation for many years now. And over the years, the airline has understood that even their most loyal customers might have to cancel a flight ticket under certain circumstances. Keeping this in mind, the airline came up with JetBlue Cancellation Policy . The policy states all the terms and conditions under which any customer traveling with them can make a flight cancellation. Under this policy, the airline also says the cancellation fee charges on some cancellations and the process of refund. 

We have discussed the policy in detail for our readers in this article. Read it till the end to know the right time to make a flight ticket withdrawal. 

JetBlue Cancellation Policy

Under the JetBlue Cancellation Policy, the airline makes a clear mention of all the terms applicable on each flight cancellation. We have mentioned the terms in simpler words for you. 

  • JetBlue Airlines lets you cancel a flight booking within the first 24 hours of the ticket booking. This is applied to the flight booking that is made at least a week in advance of the departure date. 
  • The airline has a varied range of cancellation charges on different types of bookings. 
  •  If your booking costs $200 or more, then the cancellation charges would be $200, i.e., the entire fare, if you fail to cancel it within 24 hours. 
  • For any flight booking worth $150-$199.9, the airline charges a fee of $150.
  • A cancellation fee of $100 is charged on any flight that costs $100-$149.9.
  • The minimum cancellation charges are $75 applied on a flight that costs $99.9 or less. 
  • The cancellation of a blue Flex ticket is absolutely free.
  • Any refund that has to be credited to you will appear in your account within seven working days. 

For any further questions about the JetBlue Cancellation Policy, call the customer care services of the airline and talk to an expert from their team.


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